Group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Registration Process?
  • Purchase the PIM through
  • Select group participation
  • All members of the group must have existing accounts with; you will not be able to add members to your group after this initial registration process. (You will be able to check if your group members have accounts on the site, as well as generate an invitation email asking them to sign up for an account if they are not already registered.)
  • One participant must be designated as the group leader

If you have questions about this registration process, please contact Society Services at or at 301-941-0210 (toll-free 1-888-363-6762).

What are the responsibilities of the Group Leader?
  • Purchase the PIM through on behalf of the group
  • Ensure that each participant has a user account on
  • Encourage completion of unfinished fields of data
  • Summarize , synthesize  and submit the Improvement Plan (Phase 2) & Impact Statement (Phase 4)

How is “group” defined?

  • A combination of internists and subspecialists can complete a PIM together as long as they care for a group of patients together at one location.
  • The group is committed to demonstrating active collaboration in the design and/or implementation of the project, such as entering designated charts, completing surveys, reviewing report summary, assisting with implementation plan, etc.
  • One physician will be considered a group leader, and purchase/facilitate the PIM on behalf of the group

Each participating ABIM-certified physician will earn the full number of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points and CME credits available for the PIM.

In order to receive MOC and CME credit, participants must be enrolled in ABIM's MOC program at the time the PIM is purchased.

How do PIMs work for groups?

Upon registration, the total number of required charts (25) will be divided among the group participants. Each participant in the group will enter at least their ‘share’ of the charts in each chart abstraction phase. Upon completion of the chart abstraction by all group members, each member of the group will receive their individual feedback report and the group leader will receive a group report.  The improvement phase is then planned as a group.  Each participant’s interventions and activities can still be tracked through the measurement phase following improvement application, at the individual as well as group level.  The impact statement will be a combined effort of the group.

What are the benefits of group participation in the PIM?

  • Work load: Fewer charts to enter
  • Group Benefits: Practice-level improvements

How do we complete the data collection?

Chart reviews – A minimum of 25 charts are required.  This number should be evenly distributed among the participants.

Examine systems survey – Individually, each group member will answer a series of questions related to practice design and processes.

I enrolled in the PIM as a group and entered my patient charts, but unable to move to the next phase, why?

Each member of the group in the practice will need to complete the chart abstraction in order for any one member of the group to submit for the individual or group report and improvement plan development. 

How do we devise and implement an improvement plan?

Request report – When data collection is complete, request a summary report using the PIM Main Menu.

Develop improvement plan – Use the interactive summary report to identify outcomes, processes and systems of care that could be improved. Only one improvement plan will be accepted from the group.

Evaluate/Reflect – The group will pilot test its improvement plan and report the results of the changes made.

Submit completed module – Participants who were enrolled in ABIM Maintenance of Certification when the PIM was purchased will receive credit toward MOC and CME credit.

Some of our group has chosen to conduct a second round of patient surveys for the PIM on androgen deficiency. What happens now?

If you or other members of your group elected to complete a second patient survey, the system will require an additional 10 patient surveys per individual. It will be included in the Evaluate phase and the re-assessment will not be completed until all additional surveys for the group are collected. Once completed, as a part of the reflection phase a report of the second patient survey will be available to compare to the initial patient survey.

How long will the group have to complete the PIM?

The group has until December 31, 2016 to complete this module 

Can physicians receive pay for performance bonuses for participation in this PIM?

No, these PIMs do not qualify for the ABIM’s Physicians Reporting System (PQRS) Incentive Program.

How much CME/MOC Credit is offered?

Each group practice participant can earn 20 points toward the Self-Evaluation of Practice Performance (Part 4) requirement of MOC and claim up to 20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.

What is the process for claiming Part 4 MOC through ABIM?

Each member of your group must record earned credits individually to the ABIM. You must be enrolled in the MOC program in order to report your AQI Project Report to the ABIM. You may enroll in MOC and/or report your activity through the ABIM’s web site as follows:

  • Access the ABIM web site:
  • Click on the blue Physician Login button at the top right corner of the ABIM web page.
  • Enter your 6-digit ABIM ID number. If you cannot remember your ABIM ID click on the link “Find your ABIM ID.”
  • Enter your password. If you cannot remember your password click on the link “Request Forgotten Password.”
  • Click on the Log in button
  • When your personal home page appears, scroll down to the column titled "My Maintenance of Certification Program." If you have not yet enrolled in MOC, click "Enroll in Maintenance of Certification Program" and follow the instructions.
  • If enrolled in MOC, you may select "Submit AQI Project Report" from the column titled "My Maintenance of Certification Program".
  • Complete an attestation of your participation in the appropriate PIM program and answer the questions about your experience and observations. Click the "Submit" button when you have answered all the questions.

Once you have submitted to the ABIM, the ABIM verifies your participation with The Endocrine Society. Once your participation has been confirmed the ABIM will post your credit on your ABIM MOC prof